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AB Title Search by Address


Product Number: 706
AB Title Search by Address


AB Land Title Searches - Search by Address 

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Land titles are valuable documents that can provide you with a variety of information such as:

  • Land ownership and registered mailing address
  • Ownership Date – date the title was purchased/transferred into the current owner’s name
  • Legal land description
  • Registered charges – mortgage, lease, caveats, right of ways, etc.
  • Builders, Construction and/or Mechanic’s liens
  • Writs

Land titles are provided by the provincial land registry office in each province. Land titles can be located by their legal land description or specific identification number. If you do not have an identification number or a legal description, Lien-Pro can provide title searches based on a civic address.


In some cases registrations on a land title will determine whether or not you are eligible to file a builders’ lien against the property. Certain registrations or legal notices on title will prevent you from being able to register an interest against the property.


Land Titles will be provided to you within one business day of your request being received.


To date Lien-Pro has a 100% success rate locating land titles in urban, rural and remote locations across Canada. If you are trying to locate property and do not have a civic address or legal description, please contact our office to discuss alternative search methods.

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AB Title Search by Address

Product Number: 706

Price : $35 + disbursements, tax, and courier fees
Approximate Total : $35.00 + tax