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Ontario Construction Lien - Regular Service


Product Number: 625
Ontario Construction Lien - Regular Service



Ontario Construction Lien - Regular Service 


Construction liens in Ontario: you are eligible to file a lien a property you have provided work, materials, services or labour to as part of an "improvement” to the land. Your lien rights begin as soon as you have first provided your services or materials to a job site. 

Filing a construction lien lets both your customer and the property owner know you are serious about getting paid. Once a lien is registered, it will hold up the release of any funds (i.e. project draws) and it can prevent the sale or transfer of the property. 

In Ontario you have 60 days from the date last on site, date of last supply or date of abandonment to file a construction lien.

**Note: Your claim may not fall under the 60-day deadline for one of the below reasons:
1. Your work/contract started prior to July 1, 2018
2. Your work was done for a leasehold established prior to July 1, 2018; or
3. The head contract/procurement of the project occurred prior to July 1, 2018
If one of the above reasons is applicable to your project, you have 45 days instead of 60 days to file your lien.


If your claim is between day 1 to day 54  (or 45 day deadline - day 1 to day 39) of the lien deadline then use our online form below. If you prefer to file offline you will find a PDF.

If your claim is between day 55 to day 60  (or 45 day deadline - day 40 to day 45) of the lien deadline then use our online rush form for Rush – Ontario Construction Lien Filing.  

If you are unsure how many days you have left until your lien deadline, use our Lien filing date calculator

To file a lien you must have:

  • Address, legal description or GPS coordinates of job location
  • Your customer’s name and address
  • Short description of work or materials provided
  • Date last on site or date of last supply
  • Total amount owing for project 

Under the 60-day deadline, your lien is valid for 90 days from the date you last provided work or materials. After 90 days your lien will expire unless you have commenced legal action to perfect your claim prior to expiry. If you are under the 45 day deadline, you have 45 days instead of 90 to perfect.

As Lien-Pro does not provide legal services and we are not lawyers, please consult with your legal counsel if you are unsure of your lien deadlines.

Regular construction lien Ontario Construction Lien - Regular Service - PDF
$499 + disbursements & tax (Approx. $705.00)
Claims received between day 1 to 54 (or 1-39) under the Ontario Construction Act deadline


Ontario Construction Lien - Regular Service

Product Number: 625

Price : $499 + disbursements, tax, and courier fees
Approximate Total : $680.16 + tax