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Lien-Pro | Lien Filing Company in Canada

Since 2006, Lien-Pro is still the only specialized lien filing company in Canada. Our company assists companies and individuals in filing Builders' Liens, Construction Liens, Mechanics’ Liens and a host of related searches.  We provide lien filing services AND our comprehensive online lien filing system for all provinces and territories in Canada.  There are many reasons why Lien-Pro should be your lien filing company

Lien-Pro is also fully insured for your protection.  Our Company specializes in Liens. It’s what we do. Many Canadian and International companies rely on us to get their liens filed in a correct and timely manner.  The basic mantra for Lien-Pro is We Protect YOUR Corporate Heartbeat


Mission Statement: Striving to get every client paid in full through teamwork, professionalism, and perseverance.

In Canada, Builders' Liens, Construction Liens and Mechanics’ Liens are legal instruments to secure monies owed to a contractor, sub-contractor or a materials supplier. Liens in Canada protect a creditor’s financial interest in a property.  With Lien-Pro there is no need to find a new service provider in every province and territory you do work in and-or have supplied materials to


Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. This is how "We Protect Your Corporate Heartbeat" 

Lien-Pro offers both regular and Rush lien filing services to ensure your lien is filed on time. Same day lien filing is available in most provinces depending on time zones. This allows you to negotiate with your customer until the 11th hour and use lien filing as your last minute solution. Our online lien filing system can ensure you never miss a lien filing deadline. We have several lien filing packages or our LIEN-PROtection Plans. 

Our LIEN-PROtection Plans make lien filing uncomplicated and easy for customers to use. We also offer full-service lien filing where you simply submit our Make a Claim form and we will take care of the details. We ensure the lien registration is done right the first time. Lien-Pro is also a full-service Canadian lien filing company

Each province and territory in Canada has lien filing deadlines that cannot be extended. To see how much time you have to file a lien in the different provinces and territories in Canada we have a convenient Lien filing date deadline calculator

Lien-Pro also provides Company or Corporation Searches, PPSA Searches, Land Title Searches and many other related lien searches. 

We also have lien demand letter services that may save you from even having to file a lien. Demand letters can be a great motivator to get your account paid. Many of our customers save a lot of money with our Lien-Pro Demand Letters and our Lien-Pro Pre-Lien Notices

Demand letters are a great way to avoid expensive lawyer fees. Lien-Pro also offers flat rate lien filing . In some cases, we are able to add the lien filing costs to your original claim amount in order to recover your lien fees.


Lien Filing Expertise when you need it

We provide practical advice to help you understand the lien filing procedures in Canada. The rules and guidelines for filing liens in different provinces can be overwhelming and complicated. With Lien-Pro it is easy to learn when you are in a good position to lien, and what restrictions may apply to your lien. Speak to one of our knowledgeable lien technicians today to learn more about the lien filing process. 

In British Columbia, our company offers Business Intelligence services to locate all appropriate information required to file a lien. Lien-Pro has access to company searches, land titles, and skip tracing facilities to quickly obtain the business intelligence you must have when filing a BC Builders' Lien. Lien-Pro does not offer lien services in British Columbia. 

Ask your Lien-Pro technician about our online Demand Letters and other search and filing services detailed throughout our website. Give us a call and one of our Lien-Pro technicians can assist OR schedule your free Introductory consultation on Lien Filing