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Free Introductory Lien Consultation 

If you are thinking about placing a lien, you are encouraged to take advantage of our free introductory lien consultation with a lien filing agent. During regular weekdays this site is monitored by lien help professionals with years of experience in lien filing and commercial debt collection. 

Lien-Pro provides a free 15-minute consultation ($50 value) to discuss your possible lien situation. Find out if filing a builders’ or construction lien is right for you. 

Receive a free introductory lien consultation Today - available across Canada. 

Request an introductory Lien Consultation and find out why you should use Lien-Pro as your business information and filing resource. You can use our lien help form below or give us a call. You will be placed in contact with Lien-Pro professionals who are experienced in all areas regarding liens. 

Please note: Lien-Pro professionals are confident that your decision whether "to lien or not to lien” can be clarified within the 15-minute window. If the discussion is not complete within 15 minutes, you may choose to continue as a regular paid consultation.  

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