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PPSA Search

PPSA Search Definition

A PPSA Search is a Personal Property Security Act search. A PPSA search is a fast way to  search for liens and encumbrances against assets that have serial numbers or identification codes filed under the PPSA. A PPR search , or personal property registry search is a great search tool to use when you want to see if a vehicle or serialized equipment is free and clear of liens and encumbrances. If you need to know whether an asset has any liens and encumbrances registered against it, such as general security interests and mechanics liens, then you should do a PPSA search.

When buying a used car it is wise to obtain a PPR search on the vehicle. PPR searches are done using a vehicle's VIN. By pulling a PPR you may be able to determine the current owner whom you should be purchasing the vehicle from. Searches will also reveal  any active liens and encumbrances against the vehicle. If a Mechanics Lien is present, it is likely the current owner did not pay for work done on the car. The presence of any active lien registrations against a vehicle is a red flag on a PPSA Search.

Confirm the status of an asset with a PPSA Search 

A PPR search should be conducted when you want to collect on a judgment against a person, or company. For example, if you want to seize a vehicle, prior to sending a bailiff out to collect the vehicle, a PPR search will determine if the vehicle already has a lien. If there is a lien in place, seizing the vehicle may be useless, as another company has priority on any monies. You can save yourself a lot of time, money and grief with a PPR search under the PPSA

Additionally, PPR searches can be done in order to locate additional personal information. For example, if you are trying to serve someone with legal papers, a PPR search may provide you with a person's address to do so.  Also, if you conduct a PPR search for an individual, you may be able to determine if the individual is involved in any legal suits or if they owe any government agencies money.

A PPSA search should be conducted prior to taking a possible asset as collateral or if you are in need additional personal information. PPSA searches are effective risk management tools that you can use in order to protect yourself and avoid entering into a potentially hazardous situation.  

Need help with a PPSA Search?

Then give us a toll free call.  Lien-Pro provides PPSA searches and PPR searches for all the provinces and territories in Canada. You can also schedule a free introductory consultation on doing a PPSA Search.