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Pre-Lien Notice


What is a Notice of Furnishing (Pre-Lien) Notice?

A Pre-Lien Notice (also known as a Notice of Furnishing) is a preliminary lien notice that notifies all major project stakeholders that your company is working on the same project. The notice also advises the stakeholders of any invoices you have due or to become due. Whether physically on-site working or shipping materials from out-of-province, a pre-lien notice notifies all stakeholders you are also involved. A physical presence on site allows you to meet the other parties involved. Communicating with all the major stakeholders is the prime reason for using a Pre-Lien notice

If you are located in the United States, for example, and are shipping to Canada you might not be present. The materials you shipped will arrive on site, but you might not have anyone from your company physically on site. This lack of presence may lead to other parties forgetting about your involvement. By sending a preliminary Pre-Lien Notice, all relevant stakeholders receive a hard copy of your contact details for their reference. Ensure your company will not get lost in the chaos of everyday work with a Pre-Lien notice

A Pre-Lien Notice keeps you in the payment loop

The Pre-Lien notice does not affect the credit-worthiness of the recipient; it is simply an informative letter. In the event that there is a project bond, the Pre-Lien Notice requests that all bonding information be forwarded to you. This will ensure that come payment time, you will know who to contact if funds are not released to you by your customer. 

The Pre-Lien Notice is best used when you are working on a larger scale project where multiple parties are involved and may not always if at all, be present on site. The Pre-Lien Notice is sent to the property owner, general contractor, and your client. If you would like this notice to be sent to additional parties, you can do so. 

What information does a Pre-Lien Notice provide?

The Pre-Lien Notice outlines the job description name of a project, work being conducted, legal land description, etc. and specifies what you are providing to the project - i.e. supply of materials, equipment, labour, etc. Your company's contact details are also listed – contact name and information phone, email, and fax are also provided should anyone need to get a hold of you. This notice is simply used to let people know who you are and how to reach you. Make your contact details readily available with a Pre-Lien notice. 

A Pre-Lien Notice can also be used by property owners and general contractors. Owners and general contractors can send a Pre-Lien Notice to all stakeholders - i.e. subcontractors, suppliers, etc. to verify if all parties have been paid prior to releasing the holdback. Pre-Lien notices are an effective risk management tool that confirms the payment and completion of a project. Sending the Pre-Lien Notices gives all stakeholders the opportunity to address non-payment and resolve issues prior to filing a lien. 

We offer 3 types of Pre-Lien Notices 

Notice of Furnishing - Pre-Lien Notice (Basic)

Any Province or Territory 

Just finished the job? Finalize your account by sending a Notice of Furnishing to let your customer know the work is done and you expect payment! Sent via registered mail. Cost - $50 + disbursements & tax (approx. $65)Cost - $50 + tax

Notice of Furnishing - Pre-Lien Notice (Certified)

BC, AB, SK, YT, NWT, and NU 

Send a certified pre-lien notice to your customer, the property owner, and the General Contractor (if known) to let them know your work is complete. Certified pre-lien includes a copy of the land title and a corporate search of your customer to verify where the work was done and where to send the official notice. Cost - $98.75 + disbursements & tax (approx. $145). 

Notice of Furnishing - Pre-Lien Notice (Certified) Premium

MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PEI, and NL 

Let the important people on-site know when your work is done. The pre-lien notice will be sent to your customer, the property owner and the General Contractor (if known). Premium Pre-Liens are applicable for jobs located in the above provinces (MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PEI and NL) and include a corporate search for your customer and a copy of the project’s land title.Cost - $98.75 + disbursements & tax (approx. $195).


Do you have a difficult customer? Escalate the matter and send a Lien-Pro Demand Letter 

or skip the letter and file a builders' lien