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Missed Lien Filing Deadlines


Missed the final deadline date for Lien Filing? 

Just because you missed the lien filing deadline doesn't mean you are out of options to collect your money. There are typically 3 options available when the filing deadline date is missed: 

  • Have your lawyer issue a Statement of Claim on your behalf and take your customer to court 
  • Hire a commercial collection agency that handles lien debt recovery 
  • If the amount owed is below the limit of your provincial small claims limit, you can take your customer to court yourself 

    Taking legal action can be an effective option, provided your customers' credit quality is good. If the reason your customer is not paying is due to cash flow problems, the legal process may prove too slow and your customer could be out of business long before you get a judgment. 

    We recommend getting a fast credit check done to decide if legal action will result in payment. The credit professionals at Credit Process Advisors will obtain a full credit report on your customer and provide invaluable feedback. 

    If you're unsure that legal action is your best option, then we recommend hiring a commercial debt collector. They only get paid when you do. If you get your claim to them early enough, commission rates can be as low as 8% of the total recovered. You can also request a free consultation on recovering your missed lien.