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Oil Gas Liens - Sask

Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Liens

Saskatchewan Oil and Gas liens are filed against the mineral interest associated with where you have provided work. These mineral interests are either publicly owned Government of Saskatchewan or privately owned individual or corporation. The ownership of the minerals will determine where your lien will be registered in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has a separate government registry that registers a Builders Lien against oil and gas interests that are publicly owned.  It is similar to an Alberta Oil and Gas lien .  If you have provided work, materials, services, or labour, etc. to an oil and gas well site you are eligible to file a builders lien against the mineral interests you have been working on in Saskatchewan. 

Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Lien Filing Deadline

Liens for oil and gas projects in Saskatchewan have strict lien filing deadlines. Liens for services or materials provided must be filed within 40 days from the date on which the substantial performance of the project certificate has been issued. If work or services have been provided after substantial performance or if a certificate of substantial completion is not applicable to has been issued, a lien claim must be filed 40 days from the earlier: date the contract was completed or date the contract was abandoned. 

If your claim is between day 1 to day 32 of the lien deadline then use our online form for Regular - Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Builders Lien Filing.

If your claim is between day 33 to day 40 of the lien deadline then you should use our Rush – Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Builders Lien Filing.

If you are unsure how many days you have left until your lien deadline, use our Lien filing date calculator

Once your lien claim has been registered, legal action must commence and the claim must be set down for trial within two years from the date action commenced or else your lien claim will expire.

Speak to one of our lien technicians today to learn more about filing a lien against minerals or oil and gas rights in Saskatchewan. You can also schedule a free introductory consultation on filing a Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Lien.



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