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Ontario Construction Lien

Lien-Pro is an Ontario Construction lien filing service for registering a lien in Ontario. A Builders Lien in other provinces and territories is the same as an Ontario Construction Lien.  A United States  Mechanics Lien is similar to an Ontario Construction Lien.

Lien-Pro has specialized in lien searches and lien filing across Canada since 2006. If you want your construction lien filed right the first time you should be using Lien-Pro’s online system for lien filing. We also offer protection plans with unlimited lien date tracking.  Let Lien-Pro take care of your next Ontario Construction Lien.  

Lien Filing under the Ontario Construction Lien Act

The Ontario Construction Lien Act gives builders, contractors, construction subcontractors, suppliers, labourers a method to collect money owed to them for labour and materials used to improve land in Ontario. Lien-Pro is a lien filing service that handles the filing under the Ontario Construction Lien Act. 

Any company or individual who makes or causes to make improvements to a property in Ontario by providing work and-or materials for an owner, contractor or subcontractor may file an Ontario Construction Lien.  

The filing deadlines are strict for Ontario Construction Liens

Under the Ontario Construction Lien Act a lien must be registered at the Land Titles Office within 60 days from the date the work is completed or the materials supplied to the project job site.

If you are unsure how many days you have left under the Ontario Lien Act deadline, find your lien deadline fast with our Lien filing date calculator.

If your claim is between day 1 to day 52 of the lien deadline then use our online form for Regular – Ontario Construction Lien Filing Service.  

If your claim is between day 53 to day 60 of the lien deadline then you should use our  Rush – Ontario  Construction Lien Filing Service.

If you aren't sure that you want to file a construction lien, try our Lien-Pro Demand Letters.

In the event you must sue to prove perfect your lien, you should be aware that Lien-Pro does not diarize the exact deadline or when this action must be commenced. It is the responsibility of the Customer. However, we offer plans with lien date tracking and many other features to simplify filing a lien.  

If you have any questions or concerns give us a call or take advantage of our free introductory consultation on filing an Ontario Construction Lien.  



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