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Lien-Pro is insured for your protection


Insured for Your Protection 

Lien-Pro is a fully insured lien filing company with $2 Million in E&O, or Errors & Omissions Insurance. Errors and Omissions insurance is also known as Professional Liability Insurance and is there for your protection. E&O protects against any financial loss that a client may incur due to an error or omission made by Lien-Pro during the lien filing process. At Lien-Pro we recognize there is the potential for errors to be made, as we are only human. In order to best protect you, the client, we ensure you are fully protected under our Errors and Omissions Insurance. 

Who would you rather have protecting you? 

If are thinking about, or are already using an alternative lien filing provider, consider the following: 

Alternate lien filing firms: If choosing an alternate lien filing company be sure they are insured against potential lawsuits, or financial loss, caused by an error or omission made on your lien claim. What is protecting you if your lien agent makes an error and who is going to end up paying for the mistake? 

Self-Filing: If you are filing a lien on your own and an error is made, what is protecting you from a law suit or financial loss? You may not have errors and omissions insurance to protect yourself from the parties that may have been impacted by your flawed lien. For example: your client, the property owner, the leaseholder, etc..  An incorrectly filed lien can be costly. 

Lawyer: If your lawyer does not specialize in construction law, there is the possibility that your lien may be filed incorrectly. Feel secure knowing that Lien-Pro can take care of your lien filing needs, getting your lien filed correctly the first time. Once the lien is filed, your lawyer can handle the enforcement of your lien if your claim is not resolved. 

Feel safe knowing the Lien-Pro has the added coverage to protect your claim from any errors. We guarantee that your lien will be filed on time and correctly or it’s free! 

Protecting our clients and filing your lien correctly is our #1 priority… because at Lien-Pro, we Protect Your Corporate Heartbeat.