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LIEN-PROtection Plans

Lien-PROtection services allow you to monitor and manage your completed projects to ensure you never miss a deadline again. Our Lien-Protection Intel packages offer a range of services to aide in the collection of your delinquent accounts. Our services and level of Protection vary depending on your needs. 

Sending a Notice of Furnishing lets your customer know that you have finished working and intend to lien in the event of non-payment. A sample Notice of Completion is available. A simple notice of completion could be all that it takes to get your account paid and let your customer know you are serious about collecting on your outstanding account. 

Lien deadline tracking can be difficult and overwhelming. The Lien-Protection deadline tracker takes the hassle out of determining which lien deadline applies to you and calculating how long you have to file your builders lien. Let Lien-Pro assist with monitoring your lien deadline to ensure your builders lien is filed in time to protect your unpaid account. 

As a Lien-PROtection member you have exclusive access to a variety of services only available to PROtection plan users. Depending on the plan, Lien-PROtection members can receive complimentary land title and corporate searches on a monthly basis. Keep up with the latest lien news and industry know-how via our monthly newsletter. Access to our Lien HOT Line that will put you in touch with a knowledgeable lien technician with ease. Receive preferred pricing on related services ľ Bank Checks, Credit Application processing, third party collection services (with our sister companies in Canada - Priority Credit Recovery  and the USA - Account Adjustment Bureau) and our exclusive Construction Intel Reports

Packages are available on a membership basis. Simply create an account and begin monitoring your accounts today. For more information on our Lien-PROtection Intel or to find out which plan is best suited for your companyĺs needs, contact us or schedule a free Consultation on our Lien-Protection plans

Basic Essential Intel Premium Intel Enterprise Intel

$0 $99/Month $199/Month $399/Month

1 User 1 User 1 User Up to 3 Users included Additional users - $100/user monthly


Notice of Completion

5 / Subscription - One Province

10 / Month - One Province

One Province

Canada Wide

Client Profile

submit lien and search requests with ease


Monthly Newsletter



Unlimited Lien Deadline Tracking


Online Support
Escorted Web Browsing


Lien HOT Line - Connect with a Lien-"Pro" within minutes *


Monthly Search Access - Land Titles & Corporate Searches

Monthly Searches

  • 2 Regular Land Titles or Corporate Searches **

  • 1 Plus Land Title or Corporate Search***

Monthly Searches

  • 3 Regular Land Titles or Corporate Searches **

  • 1 Plus Land Title or Corporate Search***

Member Pricing - Preferred pricing on Construction Intel Reports, Bank Checks & Credit application processing

10% Off Professional Fee

15% Off Professional Fee

Commercial Bulletin

Monthly list of all commercial accounts listed for collections - compare against your A/R


Personal Training Session

Custom Solutions
Need a Custom Solution?
Professional Lien Management
Let the Lien-Pros manage all the details.
Full Service Plan
Contact Us for further details and pricing



* During standard business hours ľ M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm MST. Not open holidays.
** Any land title or corporate searches in BC, AB, & SK. 
*** Any land title or corporate searches in all provinces except BC, AB, & SK. 
**** Professional Fee: Lien-Pro costs, not including disbursements. Savings not applicable on Lien-Filing & Discharging Services (Builders' Liens, Construction Liens, Mechanics' Liens, Oil & Gas Liens, Bond Applications or Caveat Filing).