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Builders’ Lien Lawyers - Alternative



Need to file a lien? A lawyer is not your only option!


When faced with the decision to file a Construction Lien or Builders’ Lien  , most companies automatically turn to a Builders’ Lien Lawyer or Construction Lien Lawyer. A Builders’ Lien Lawyer is not your only option.

Depending on the circumstances, an Alberta Builders’ Lien Lawyer can get expensive; however, they are only one of three options open to you. Anyone can file a Builders' Lien.

Lien Filing Options

1. Individual contractors and suppliers can file on their own;

  • Filing a lien on your own can be time-consuming and cost you valuable downtime dealing with administration.
2. Use a lien filing agent; or
  • Using a lawyer can significantly add to the expense for just getting the lien on a title. Sometimes legal bills just to file a lien can be upwards of $3,000.00 or more.
3. Hire a lawyer
  • Using a lien filing agent ensures your lien is filed for a reasonable fee. Many times the lien agents’ fee can be recovered from the customer whereas the cost of your time to do it yourself cannot.
  • Many Construction and Builders’ Lien lawyers are using professional lien filing agents to get liens filed. Lawyers are using lien filing agents because the lawyer does it so infrequently that it increases the probability of making a mistake.
  • Construction and Builders’ Lien lawyers do not like exposing themselves to that risk, and would rather pass on that risk to a fully insured professional lien filing agent.

A lien agent will get your lien filed, and that may be all that is required to prompt payment from your customer, so why pay more than you have to? If you must sue to perfect your lien, then engage a legal professional at that time.

Construction and Builders’ Lien lawyers all act on your instructions, which means you must know what you are doing. Anyone involved in construction knows projects and paperwork can get messy. A lien filing agent relieves you of all the hassles and will even suggest more cost-effective methods to obtain payment. In fact, one of our law firm clients stated "…what I value most is your expertise and responsiveness. It is a huge benefit to me that your service is all-encompassing; I can simply send off the "request for filing” and know that you will take care of all the details necessary to ensure registration is complete. I can just sit back and wait for the confirmation!”

Call or visit Lien-Pro’s online fee schedule today to obtain a competitive quote and compare it to your current provider.

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At Lien-Pro, your lien is filed correctly and on time, or it’s free. That is our guarantee to you!