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Legal Hypothec of Construction 

A Quebec Legal Hypothec of Construction is known as a Construction or Builders Lien in other provinces. Lien-Pro provides Quebec property searches, company searches and Legal Hypothec filing services.  The Civil Code of Quebec governs the Legal Hypothec of Construction

Contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers can file a Legal Hypothec, aka a construction or Builders’ Lien, for work associated with an improvement to land or property. To be eligible to file a Construction Legal Hypothec in Quebec you MUST BE Registered to do work in Quebec.

Legal Hypothec Notices and Filing Deadline 

In order for subcontractors and suppliers to file a Legal Hypothec in Quebec, they MUST provide notice to the property owner once they have been awarded the job. Notice must be sent prior to any supplying to the job site, or starting work at the job site. Notice is necessary if a sub-contractor or supplier ever wishes to file a Legal Hypothec. 

Quebec Legal Hypothecs for construction must be filed within 30 days of the "end of work ” . End of work does not have a definitive description in Quebec. It is typically viewed as the end of a contract, date last working date on a job site or date of last supply. To calculate the final filing deadline date simply use our Lien filing date calculator for Quebec

If you gave not been paid, a Legal Hypothec must be enforced within six-6 months after the work has been completed in Quebec. 

Let Lien-Pro help with your Legal Hypothec 

In the event you must sue to prove or perfect your Hypothec, you should be aware that Lien-Pro does not diarize the exact deadline of when this action must be commenced. It is the responsibility of the Customer. However, you can track your liens or Hypothecs and never miss a lien filing deadline again with one of our LIEN-PROtection Plans

If you are reluctant to file a Legal Hypothec you may want to try our Quebec version of our Lien-Pro Demand Letter 

Lien-Pro is here to assist you with your Legal Hypothec filing needs. Contact us for more information on registering a Legal Hypothec of Construction. We also offer a free Introductory consultation on filing a Quebec Legal Hypothec.



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