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Manitoba Lien Search – Builders Lien Filing 

You are in the right place for a Manitoba lien search, Manitoba property search or Builders Lien filing and a host of other lien services. Lien-Pro also provides Manitoba name search, Manitoba title searches, PPSA searches, company searches and other related lien search and filing services for Manitoba.  Our lien services range from filing a Manitoba Builders Lien to a simple Manitoba lien search

In Manitoba you have 40 days from the date of substantial completion of the project to file your lien.

If your claim is between day 1 to day 34 of the lien deadline then use our online form for Regular - Manitoba Builders Lien Filing. 

If your claim is between day 35 to day 40 of the lien deadline then use our online rush form for Rush - Manitoba Builders Lien Filing.  

If you are unsure how many days you have left until your lien deadline, use our Lien filing date calculator 

Manitoba Company Search – Corporation Search

A Manitoba Company Search or corporation search will determine whether the corporation is in default of filing any of its Annual Returns, or whether it has been sent a notice of possible dissolution for such default  In addition, a company search also provides:

  • Access listings of the directors or proprietors of a company 
  • The Registered Office and the Attorney-for-Service
  • The status of a company - e.g. whether it is active or dissolved 
  • Age of the company 
  • Previous names under which the company was registered 

Manitoba Land Titles Search

Lien-Pro can provide you with Manitoba Land Title searches. Provide us with the civic address or legal description of the property and we can provide you with the results. A land title search provides a lot of details about the property, especially if you are contemplating on filing a lien. Visit this page for more information on a Title Search.

Manitoba PPSA Searches

Personal Property Registry or Manitoba PPSA Search.  A Manitoba PPSA Search has information about individuals and businesses that are using movable goods as collateral. Businesses register their interests in the Manitoba Personal Property Registry as public notice that they have a secured claim if they are not paid. A Manitoba PPSA Search lets you know if potential collateral is free and clear of liens.

If you have any questions, concerns or need a search, give us a call or take advantage of our free introductory consultation on Manitoba Searches and Lien Filing .


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