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Nunavut Mechanics Lien 

At this time, Lien-Pro has discontinued providing lien filing services in Nunavut; however, we can provide you with a referral to a preferred partner. The below information is for educational purposes only.

A Nunavut Mechanics Lien is available to anyone who has done work, provided machinery, or furnished materials in connection to work done on land in Nunavut. The Mechanics Lien is attached to the property where the work was completed or materials supplied to the job site. Filing a Construction Lien or Builders Lien in other provinces is the same as filing a Nunavut Mechanics Lien. 

Nunavut Mechanics Lien Filing Deadline 

All lien claims must be filed or registered within 45 days of one of the following:

  • Completion or abandonment of the contract; 
  • Date of last supply of materials; 
  • Last date labour was supplied for wages or; 
  • Last supply date or contract expiry for machinery.


You can calculate your Nunavut filing deadline with our Mechanics Lien filing date calculator

Nunavut Mechanics Lien Expiry 

Mechanics Liens in Nunavut are valid for 45 days from the last day the lien could have been filed. After 45 days the Mechanics Lien will expire unless legal action has been commenced. If credit has been extended to your customer, the lien expiry extends to 90 days, after the date on which the credit expired. Filing deadlines cannot be extended on Mechanics Liens

In the event you must sue to prove your lien, it is essential for you to diarize the exact deadline of when this action must be commenced. It is your responsibility to track your deadlines. However, If you want assistance in tracking your lien filing deadlines, check out our Lien-Protection Plans

If you are hesitant to file a lien then you may want to consider a Lien-Pro Demand Letter