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PROtection Plan - Essential



PROtection Plan – Essential

  • $99/Month
  • 1 User

Included Features:

Notice of Furnishing/ Notice of Completion – 10 / Month - One Province

A Notice of Completion, (pre-lien notice) lets your customer that your work is done and outlines your rights in the event of non-payment. Send 10 notices per month within one province of your choice, free of charge with this plan. Notices are best utilized as soon as you have completed a job and should be sent after your last date on site working or date of last supply.

The letter specifies the work you have provided, amount owing, and requests any project financing or bond information (if applicable) to be sent to you. The letter also acknowledges that you reserve your right to lien, apply to any bond or seek other remedies in the event of non-payment.


Unlimited Lien Deadline Tracking

Never miss your lien deadline again! Keep track of your completed projects and know exactly when your lien deadlines are with Lien-Pro’s Lien Deadline Tracker. Simply enter your project information and our tracker will calculate your lien deadline for you. Lien deadlines and lien rules vary in every province. Let Lien-Pro simplify the lien process with our lien tracker.


Client Profile – submit lien and search requests with ease

A Lien-Pro client profile will allow you to submit lien claims and search requests with ease. Once you have a client profile you will have the ability to log-on to Lien-Pro’s system and submit claims. No need to complete paper lien applications.


Monthly Newsletter (optional)

Stay up to date with the latest lien information and receive helpful tips and tricks to help you stay on top of your delinquent accounts. Stay in touch with Lien-Pro to find new ways to protect your cash flow.


Online Support – Escorted Web Browsing

Need help completing a form or navigating the website? Connect remotely with a Lien-Pro technician that can assist and guide you.


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